Other Services


 Nationwide Portable Cabin Testing

 All building sites have portable cabins installed that need to 
 be tested every 6 months or every time they move position. 
 We provide national affordable testing. 
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 Nationwide Machinery Testing

 Ensure all machinery on commercial sites complies with 
 the Regulations. Prices from as low as £1.45 per unit.    
 Full asset list and test report upon completion.
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 Microwave Radiation Testing

 Microwave radiation is odourless and invisible to humans
 so regular testing with the right equipment is the only way to 
 ensure they are safe for use in any environment.
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 Nationwide Emergency Light Testing

 Testing & maintenance of emergency lighting should be      
 completed to ensure compliance in securing the Means of 
 Escape under Regulatory Reform Order 2005 (Fire Safety).
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 RCD Testing

 It is important to test RCD's because they are designed to 
 cut the supply on the occurrence of an earth fault, therefore
 offering a very high level of personal protection from shock.
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 Periodic Inspection and Test

 The IEE Wiring Regulations (BS 7671) require that Periodic 
 Inspection and Testing of electrical installations is carried  
 out at such intervals depending on its age and use.

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 Electrical Maintenance Programs

 We provide any size business with any amount of locations
 full risk assessments and a tailor made maintenance
 program to suit their needs & the working environment.
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 Data Cabling and Networking

 We can handle the design of your network using Copper,      
 Fibre, Wireless, Laser and Infra-red technologies. Install it 
 with all the necessary components to complete the services.
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