RCD Testing Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Cambridge


RCDs are often known by other names, earth leakage and circuit breakers (ELCB).

It is important to test RCD's because they are designed to cut the supply on the occurrence of an earth fault, therefore offering a very high level of personal protection from electric shock.

Fuses or over current circuit breakers do not offer the same level of personal protection against faults involving current flow to earth.

Circuit breakers and fuses provide equipment and installation protection and operate only in response to an electrical overload or short circuit.

RCDs have another important advantage - they reduce the risk of fire by detecting electrical leakage to earth in electrical wiring and accessories and provide the best safety device available. This is why its most important to test them as part of your electrical safety program. When checking these devices we don't just check the operation, we also test the timing of the device and that it meets the regulations for the circuit type its in use on.

Our RCD testing has a standard test cost of little as £4.75 per unit if we are already onsite, Otherwise our minimum invoice amount would be applied.

All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.