PAT Testing Safety Brochure


Electrical Health and Safety Law:
It is a legal requirement that you as an employer have to maintain, inspect and test all portable electrical appliances at regular intervals.
The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 places such an obligation where any appliance used by employees and/or the public should be regularly inspected and tested what ever type of environment it is being used in.
Having your equipment, inspected and maintained is an important step towards satisfying your legal duty of care to protect employees and customers from harm in the workplace.

How We Can Help You Comply:
Reliable Pat Testing have over 20 years of electrical experience in the electrical testing field and provide Nationwide PAT Testing services using the correct approach to give you a hassle free service that will get your business safe and legal to comply with The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.
All our staff our fully qualified for their job roll, therefore we can provide full knowledge and experience to deal with all situations and issues that naturally fall into place during and after PAT Testing.

Our Coverage and Charges:
Reliable Pat Testing operates from Ipswich in Suffolk, although we do deal with any type and any size business nationwide.
Our basic pricing structure is very straight forward and very competitive and can be viewed via our website
We don't have extra sneaky add-on charges for fuse replacements or flex rewires.

Method Statement:
Reliable Pat Testing operates from a testing method statement designed to provide information on the procedures we follow.
The document also sets out a uniform set of procedures that are implemented on the inspection, verification, quarantining and documentation of electrical installations and equipment.
All procedures we perform are in accordance with current guidance issued by the IEE, The Electricity at Work Act 1989 and the Health and Safety Executive.
Our method statement is viewable on our website

Asset Log and Test Result Data:
Upon completion of all testing we issue a full asset log along with a set of comprehensive test results.
The documents are stored on our server and clients can log in to view, print and save them. They remain on our server for 10 years and so over time the test results can be used to ascertain the frequency of your testing and the frequency can be changed from the recommended time frame set by the Health and Safety Executive to suit the location, usage, age, damage/faults found at each time of testing etc.

Non Compliance:
Non Compliance can lead to fines, jail terms or both, for directors and key personnel if a staff member or third party is injured, either severely or fatally.
Section 2 of The Health and Safety Act 1975 and The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, Page 10 Regulation's 3 and 4 requires employers and owners of public buildings to maintain by a regular programme of recorded inspection and testing by a competent person so far as is reasonably practical.
Your insurance company is also unlikely to pay out in the event of a claim due to non compliance.

Full Services List:
PAT Testing.
Portacabin testing.
Microwave radiation leakage testing.
Periodic inspection and test.
Machinery testing.
Emergency light testing.
R.C.D testing.
Data cabling and networking.
Electricial maintenance programs.

Contact Details:
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